1. What is this website about?

Nclex International is specialized in giving License review course to Nurses, who move from different countries to USA or Canada or have done Nursing from USA or Canada.

2. How does live course work.

Every Saturday is live class at physical location at Dallas. Students outside Dallas (any state of USA or Canada) can attend class at same time on live
video chat. Related concepts will be discussed along with practice question and answers. Home work is given from website for next week.

3. What is free repetition?

Students who are enrolled in Live Course can repeat course for one year. They do not have to pay for that.
Online students can also repeat course for one more time if needed. It is free.

4. What is passing rate?

Passing rate is 80 percent or more.

6. What is Diagnostic Exam?

Student will be given Diagnostic Exams one to two months before they are ready to take exam. Each Diagnostic Exam will be reviewed and will be guided through his or her weaknesses.