Our institute offers a variety of courses beneficial to a successful Nclex Career

Live Offline and Online Courses.

If you want to study the traditional way of directly communicating with the teacher - this is the course for you. Experienced faculty teaches you live and you can communicate your concerns and Queries immediately.

Study with your own comfort of time and plance

Courses Pre-designed by the Expert Faculty

Video CoursesRegular TestsQueries Session

Fast Track Courses to cover the entire course in small spam of time

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Quizzes are the best means of testing your knowledge and understanding the sections that needs improvement
  • Dedicated Quiz Based Courses.
  • Focusing on Important Questions.
  • Sessions to correct mistakes.
  • Retakes of test to confirm improvements.

Our Quizzes tests the students knowledge and assures a success in the examination.

About Nclex International

Nclex International is a complete guidance platform for National as well as International Nurses to successfully pass the Nclex Exam for USA and Canada. Various courses has been designed to help increase the percentage of passing rate specially for International Nurses.

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This course has been developed by highly experienced educators who have both the experience of preparing nurses for NCLEX exam in USA as well as in their own country. The faculty has expertise in teaching NCLEX.


If you are finishing up nursing school, or an experienced nurse looking into taking the NCLEX-RN in the U.S. or Canada, chances are you have some questions about getting through the process.

Skill Lab

The Nclex International skill lab gives our students opportunity to practice Nursing Skills. This lab can accommodate 10 students at a time. Student can practice at their leisure time or with instructor


The nclex international library gives our students and teachers access to many e-books, article and many different question banks tailored by experts in the field for the sole purpose of catering to all their needs. .